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Salsa - beginners
Salsa Linea (LA Style)

It is dedicated to absolute beginners.
Participants may register in couples or they may come individually, either solo ladies, or solo gentlemen.

Každou středu počínaje 8.12.2021 od 20:15 do 21:15

Lektoři: Vláďa a Andy
Number of lessons: 5
Price per course / person:  1 000,00 CZK
Course Instruction:

Leading technique:
- close holding
- open holding (by hooks)
- latino progresive position

5 basic steps:
- straight backwards
- cuban (cross back)
- in turning
- sideways
- mambo

Basics in couple:
- cross body lead in open holding
- open cross body lead
- single right turn (ladies)
- single left turn (men's)
- cuban opening
- inside turn - pivots
- outside turn

Combinations in couple:
- hammerlock
- basic pump from unfinished inside turn

- body relaxation - shoulders up and down, circles with shoulders, shimmy
- crossover and cross back
- slide sideways
- tap forward
- ronde

During each class, regardless of whether we are teaching at the basic, improvers or intermediate level, a portion of the lesson is devoted to footwork (LA Shines) and the other half is dedicated to dancing in pairs while working on variations (Partnerwork).

Lesson no. 1 8.12.2021 Opening lesson more info
Lesson no. 2 15.12.2021 Cross body lead more info
Lesson no. 3 22.12.2021 Ladies right turn more info
Lesson no. 4 29.12.2021 Mens left turn more info
Lesson no. 5 5.1.2022 Cuban opening more info

This course is now available only for men or couples.